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Available Services

Original Music

I write and arrange music for a variety of media that includes film, TV, video games and advertisements. I will create the specific product to meet your demands by utilizing the finest orchestral, synth and acoustic sample libraries along with world-class orchestration and midi-programming. This music will help guide the story of your project.

Producing and Arranging

This is all about assisting the artist in the studio to create the best music for their album while being responsible of developing and making creative content. I bring my vision to fruition as I guide the artist's sound along the way. I transform raw material into a finished recording that must be true to the artist's vision but it is also able to reach a brad audience


Poor podcast audio quality can be distracting. It takes you away from the quality of the content and authority of the podcast itself. My goal is to create a smooth and cohesive listening experience that flows naturally. This adds on more value to what the listeners are looking for. Removing unwanted noise, plosive pops and any background sound are just a few of the things that will help your podcast level up.


Simple or creative mixing of professional digital audio focused on all variants of sub-genres of rock and metal. The application of the process and techniques used will depend on what your music needs to standout.


Mastering is the process in which I prepare the song or project for distribution while keeping the unique sonic characteristics in mind. You will obtain all the different formats that you need for the digital distribution. Tracks will be also compatible with services of digital distribution like CD BABY and DISTROKID.


It is one of the most used techniques in this modern era. It gives you the ability to obtain any sound you want for your guitar or bass in order to make it fit in the mix perfectly. In my studio I rely on the Axe FX II. On the digital side, I use the Fortin Nameless, Archetype Nolly, Archetype Plini and the Parallax for bass.

Sound Design

Gunshots, footsteps, foley, crashes, cheers, ambience, bleeps and bloops. For film I focus on recording, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements that convey the needed emotion to support the on-screen action and engage the audience. For games I focus on creating content that matches an already-established aesthetics and gameplay to make the project come to life. All assets are delivered at the correct level ready to be integrated by the developer

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